“What a great graduation party we had at the slide. Each child paid their own way and so it was easy to afford. Cake and all serving plates, utensils, napkins were supplied. The parents were able to use the slide as well. Such a great afternoon and day. The best memories made on that day. Highly recommend it. 5 stars!”
– Karen

“I LOVE THIS!! And can I say the spot picked is the perfect location! I really thought I’d see this setting up in East Beach, but no, you are in the heart of OV for all to enjoy! I can’t wait to see how this does, just please stay affordable!”
– Beverly

“It’s about time o.v. does something. They should if replaced the amusement park. I’m happy to see something like that. On the west side of Florida beaches they make lots of money on stuff on the beaches.”
– Donna